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Mathster game is designed to support Ads and because of that it’s free to use. 

Mathster uses analytics and push engagement tools to provide a better experience for its users. It uses Google Firebase and CleverTap for analytics data management. Please reach out to to request your data to be erased from Google Firebase and CleverTap

Mathster also uses Google Play Services login for users to store their scores and view scores of other top scoring users. It is a service provided by google and Mathster does not store any information at its end. Here is Google play services home page -

For advertising Mathster uses Google Ads. When you use the app your device automatically sends certain information to our advertising partner Google Ads. Mathster does not store any information at it end to display ads.
Here is Google Ads home page for more information -!/

We may update our Privacy Policy at any time, so we highly advise to check this page periodically to get recent updates. All changes will take effect as soon as they are published here.

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